Product Design


University of Florence

Inspired by a daisy flower that opens up every morning with the sunrise, the project consists of a set of deckchairs for beaches and pool areas. After sunrise, the deckchairs can easily be folded into the vertical position. This makes the cleaning of these areass simpa and accessible.  And like a flower’s petal, you can detach any deckchair from the base and use them individually.



Politecnico di Milano

After studying the method of rotary draw bending, we came up with a new Perennia product. Perennia is an innovative rocking horse for kids that reinterpretates its historical value into a contemporary solution, making it an ideal iconic gift for the next generations.



University of Florence

A drop of water lying on a surface was a form of inspiration for my thesis, a line of furniture for hairdressing salons. The elements include: shampoo chair; hair-styling chair; footrest and mirror. The shampoo chair is reinterprated as a singular product and not composed of many different elements. It is made of 2 polypropylene cages with an inner iron structure.





University of Florence

When we were proposed a theme of  isolation, the idea of a cabin for big cities was born. During a call, more than anywhere else, you need a moment of isolation from the traffic noise and stress. The R-Hear cabin is composed of a structure in Corten steel, plastic tubes that are easily exchangeble and a base that can be cemented in the ground.



University of Florence, for Convivium

This single-use set was designed for Convivium, a company from Florence that provides catering services for dinners and conferences throughout Italy. Considering the medieval motives commonly used by this company, in its settings and uniforms for waiters, the proposal reflects the shape of a shield in a set of plates, glasses and cutlery.

plates 4 asd


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