User Experience & Strategy

Coin Cart

Coin Cart is a Service proposal I developed in order to test a precise user target – Italian “Soccer moms” for a launch of a new product – Coin Card.






Milanweek is a startup project launched in september of 2014 – online magazine about the city of Milan for Russian-speaking audience. Each month 5000 unique users discover latest trends in fashion, design and Milan’s popular events.

I was envolved in this project as a User Experience Designer and Content Strategist.





Aim of this project is to create a new educational experience between a parent and his kid.  An experience that can be established with the process of cooking, learning and exploring new recipes together.

Recipe’s steps for the kid are projected on the apron of his grandparent (thanks to the LEDs incorporated in the apron). At the same time steps for the grandparent are shown on that of a kid. Grembiule for two would leave memories of a cooking expirience for both of them.


Molinari Pocket

Politecnico di Milano, for Molinari

Molinari Pocket is a line extension strategy for a well-known italian brand of sambuca. It was thought as a new experience for a young target instead of a classical after meal drink of the elderly.



You can take Molinari Pocket wherever you want and share it with the others like the experiences you are sharing together. Molinari Pocket aims to attract those who is not yet familiar with Sambuca Molinari and those who does not favour its intense taste by mixing sambuca with fruit essences.



Good Bugs

Politecnico di Milano

Good Bugs is a design strategy that aims to solve the problem that people will face in a few decades ie. the lack of organic proteins.


Packaging for beginners with a small hole on the top would contain a cooked meal where insects are mixed with other ingredients and are not so evident, a packaging for advanced users with a bigger hole contains insects that have to be mixed, but are already cooked and the third package for experts would be composed of ingredients and raw insects to cook.


Le Pieghe

Politecnico di Milano

For my MSc thesis in Product Design for Innovation, I developed a design strategy for repositioning a Russian furniture company Svoboda on the local market.

The first research and analysis phase included an in-depth research of Russian furniture market, European trends and wood panel technologies and the company’s profile, range of products and competitors.


Based on 70% furniture cases and investigation of user’s needs and expectations, including financial and social status, a hypothetical future female customer was defined, whose tastes are particularly charmed by Italian fashion. The company wanted to reposition itself from the low to medium economy market sector.

The second phase addressed women and their choices with a line of furniture where the surface contains an impression of a precious Italian textile and allows for easy modularity in living rooms. The final strategy included: the product, communication and brand identity, launch and positioning on the Russian market.




Politecnico di Milano, for Leroy Merlin

How can companies with large productions, such as Leroy Merlin, help artisans in a time of crisis? For this reason we designed a strategy that envolves both actors: a company and local artisans in the realization of a unique product – Terrarium.

Terrarium is a small ecosystem enclosed in a glass case. Every time, a piece of glass is shaped by an italian artisan creating a unique form. Terrarium also includes a light system that is inserted into the glass case, giving ideal conditions for different kinds of plants to grow.